The Danger Tree - London Launch

Contemporary artist Scarlett Raven reveals her most ambitious project to date; a groundbreaking visual art experience called ‘The Danger Tree’ featuring my original score. 

Commemorating the 100th anniversary of The Battle Of The Somme, the trailblazing new project sees Scarlett and a team of talented film set builders taking over a 2000 square foot space in Greenwich, London, transforming the space to recreate a blown out building from the French/Belgian borders on the eve of July 1st 1916. 

Using smartphones and tablets and the free Blippar App, viewers are able to unlock Scarlett’s poignant work and reveal the creative narrative behind the paintings, going beyond skin-deep, with alternative versions of the multi-layered, immersive work, seen through the words of war poets and movingly expressed by leading British actors. 

Each track on The Danger Tree album corresponds to an original piece of augmented reality artwork.

Pixels by MARC MAROT