The Disappearance Of Alice Creed

dir. J Blakeson

The Danger Tree | The Last Post

paint. Scarlett Raven / pixels. M Marot


dir. Lauren Cooney

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Encounters 2017 Kerry Film Festival 2017 STuff International Film Festival 2017 Nola Horror Film Festival 2017 Filmquest 2017 Pune Film Festival 2017 Stranger With My Face 2017 AWARDS: (NOMINATED) GRAND PRIX for BEST LIVE ACTION SHORT, Encounters 2017 (NOMINATED) MIVERVA AWARD for BEST FEMALE FILMMAKER, Filmquest 2017 (NOMINATED) BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR (Scott Michael Wagstaff), Filmquest 2017 (NOMINATED) BEST SHORT FILM, Nola Horror Film Festival 2017 (NOMINATED) BEST DIRECTOR (Lauren Cooney), Nola Horror Film Festival 2017 (NOMINATED) BEST ACTRESS (Lauren Cooney, Nola Horror Film Festival 2017 (NOMINATED) BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY (Ruben Woodin-Dechamps), Nola Horror Film Festival 2017 


dir. Chanya Button. Composed w/ Candy Says

Following the death of their friend, two girls in their late twenties embark on a road trip to spread his ashes. Seph and Alex take turns driving. Dan is in the glove compartment, in tupperware, decreasing in volume as the trip progresses.


Petroleum Spirit

dir. Rob Sanders

The Disappearance of Alice Creed (edited scenes)

dir. J Blakeson