Hunting Blue EP

Shallows to the deep.

Sink slow into weightless sleep.

Echoes pull beneath.


“Blue is the typical heavenly colour. The ultimate feeling it creates is one of rest. When it sinks to almost black, it echoes grief that is hardly human.”

                                    - Wassily Kandinsky

hunting blue 2.jpeg

 “Swimming from the shallows to the deep, the blue changes tone. As I go further out from the shore, there’s a strange sensation... Are my senses becoming numb?  Am I being absorbed into the blue? The deeper I go, the denser the colour becomes… Is it enveloping and protecting… Or is it calling out…What lies beneath?”


Hunting Blue is the first EP in a three-part series from Marc Canham. Each EP explores the affecting experience of colour to create a transportive sensory journey. Hunting Blue is a contemplation in sound. A reflection of the past, through the rich tapestry of the present.


Co-produced and mixed by Jawjaw (A. J. Gannon)

Recorded at The Granary

Cello performed by Barney Morse-Brown

Violins performed by Ben Heaney