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Throughout his numerous scores and collaborations, Marc Canham has delivered filmic landscapes built on elegant twists of musical genres. From his critically acclaimed score for the film ‘The Disappearance of Alice Creed’, to his interactive ‘inFamous: Second Son’ and ‘Far Cry 2’ soundtracks, Canham skilfully crafts a world where acoustic and ‘invented’ sounds co-exist. He is equally at home in front of an ensemble at Abbey Road as in his studio ‘workshop’, creating music using an array of found objects, synthesisers, guitars and instruments from around the world.

In recent years, Canham’s enthusiasm for collaboration has led him to team up with some of the most exciting musical talent around. His compositions have been remixed and re-interpreted by UNKLE, Amon Tobin, and Diplo, and he has also worked with artists such as Nathan Johnson, Philip Glass, Iggy Pop, Paul Hartnoll, and Baaba Maal.

Defining Canham’s compositional style is not straightforward. He manages to blur the boundaries between the two approaches of live recording and studio ‘magic’, making organic sounds feel otherworldly, and his electronic approach feel alive and human. His focus is not restricted to the notes on the page, but also captures the details between them, allowing musical spaces to complement the revolving structures that form the framework of his compositions.

To date Canham has worked on over 100 soundtracks demonstrating the versatility of his unique and creative talent.

Upcoming releases include his score to Tyler Shields’ feature film ‘Final Girl’ starring Abigail Breslin and Wes Bentley, the black comedy ‘Burn Burn Burn’ (with Candy Says), and his documentary project ‘Territories’.


Scarlett Raven
January 2016

It's been an exciting start to the year, seeing Marc collaborate with the contemporary artist Scarlett Raven on her augmented reality project inspired by The Battle of the Somme.

Console Exclusive
January 2016

Marc has just finished working on an exclusive console project... more news to follow shortly.

BIFA nomination for Burn Burn Burn
November 2015

Exciting news! The film 'Burn Burn Burn' has been nominated for the Raindance Award at this years British Independent Film Awards. The score was composed by Marc Canham and Candy Says.

Petroleum Spirit
June 2015

Finishing touches have been made to the score for Rob Sanders' directorial debut and surreal coming-of-age road movie Petroleum Spirit.

Burn Burn Burn film
May 2015

Marc has recently collaborated with the amazingly talented band 'Candy Says' on the upcoming film score to Burn Burn Burn - starring Laura Carmichael, Alison Steadman, Chloe Pirrie and Sally Philips... Expect to hear it in cinemas early 2016.

A reboot of an Atari classic is on its way!
August 2014

More news to follow shortly - but thing certainly go bump in the night with this one.

inFamous: First Light
July 2014

Fetch's story continues in the inFamous universe - flattered and excited to have been asked back Marc has developed a new, more visceral electronica sound-world for Fetch...

Soundtrack for Second Son released today
March 2014

The game is almost here - but the soundtrack to this eagerly anticipated game is now out. It's an exciting collaboration between the styles of Marc, Nathan Johnson and Brain... it's a visceral noise!

inFamous: Second Son
October 2013

It's just been announced Marc will be collaborating with Nathan Johnson (composer of Looper and Brick), and Bryan Mantia (Primus, Guns n' Roses). This is an ear-trembling collaboration. More news soon...

Final Girl film score
September 2013

Marc has just completed the score to Tyler Shields' debut feature 'Final Girl' starring Wes Bentley and Abigail Breslin.

International Music and Sound Awards
June 2013

It's just been announced the Marc and Simon's score for The Secret World has been nominated for this well respected international award.

BBC Earth
April 2013

The new BBC Earth ident for all the BBC Earth associated series has been sonically crafted by Marc.

It's a win for Nimrod
February 2013

Congratulations to Simon at FunCom and Sergio at Nimrod for winning the best trailer/promo for The Secret World at this years prestigious MAS Awards.

MAS Award nomination
January 2013

Excited to be nominated for the best video game score for The Secret World along with Simon Poole.

Dirty Bomb
December 2012

Splash Damage's new AAA free to play shooter, Dirty Bomb, has been scored by Marc. More news about this soon.

One Big Album
November 2012

Marc recently contributed a track on OneBigGame's new album 'One Big Album' - featuring tracks from some of the gaming's most prolific composers. You can grab it on iTunes, Amazon, and probably some torrent site by now.

When The Lights Went Out trailer
June 2012

Here's a link to see the trailer for Marc's upcoming film release: http://youtu.be/GYKz11JtD0A

The Secret World soundtrack
June 2012

The soundtrack to the anticipated MMO The Secret World will be released later this month ahead of the game to give fans a taster of what's in store.

Resident Evil: No Hope advert
May 2012

Marc has been commissioned to write the music for the worldwide ad campaign for Resident Evil's next release. A 'mulch' of organic and electronic terror is in store.

May 2012

BUMA Music in Motion have invited Marc over to Amsterdam on 24th May to chat about scoring for games - and some of the differing challenges between game and film scoring.

Rotterdam Film Festival
January 2012

Marc's next feature 'When The Lights Went Out' premiered in Rotterdam to sold out screenings. Check out the stunning poster art by the legendary Rankin, and a glimpse of the trailer - http://www.dreadcentral.com/news/52213/when-lights-went-out-really-bad-things-happen

Abbey Road
January 2012

Marc's score for Funcom's "the Secret World" will be getting the Abbey Road treatment in February. It's always good to hear a new score played by London's finest..... the NSO team are primed!

National Film School
November 2011

Early this month, the NFTS invited Marc to talk to students about the soundtrack to Alice Creed, and the world of being a composer in films and video games. J Blakeson and Adrian Sturgess were on hand to join in... It was great to see so many enthusiastic future producers intrigued as to what goes on behind the scenes.

Driver: San Francisco Released
September 2011

Marc had the pleasure of collaborating with UNKLE having his version of the Driver Theme reworked by the band - which of course sounds awesome. We're hoping the official soundtrack release will follow shortly.

August 2011

Marc is excited to be part of the OneBigGame initiative, donating an exclusive track to the OneBigSoundtrack - out very soon!!! Check out the Interview here: http://youtu.be/ehRb4No9b9Y

When The Lights Went Out
March 2011

Pat Holden's next thriller - 'When The Lights Went Out' - will feature a score from Marc. The film stars Gary Lewis ('Shallow Grave'), Kate Ashfield ('Sean of the Dead'), and Steven Waddington ('Sleepy Hollow').

The Secret World
January 2011

Marc has begun work on the score to EA/Funcom's epic MMORPG 'The Secret World' - predictably things are quite secret.

Prism Endorsement
December 2010

Marc has taken delivery of a set of these fine audio converters for the studio. "Prism are world leaders in studio audio equipment, we're pleased to add our endorsement to a world class company" said Rich Aitken. The new equipment will be installed in Marc's composition den.

Killzone 3
October 2010

Joris de Man's new score for Killzone 3 is being orchestrated, recorded at Abbey Road and mixed all in the space of 4 weeks in November! Rich Aitken will be mixing at Nimrod.

Driver : San Francisco
June 2010

After the recent unveiling of the official title, Marc is fully immersed in the soundtrack composition. The main title piece is finished and was recorded at Abbey Road in April. Mixing and post production begins mid June and runs till end of July

Universal release Alice Creed soundtrack
April 2010

"Marc Canham's score is a jittery corker" (Jason Bailey - reviewed in DVDtalk)- Total Film name checked Marc's score as a key factor in "revving up the tension" in the film. The soundtrack is out on May 2nd.

April 2010

Picking up from the long standing relationship with the Driver series, Marc has begun work on this much anticipated release. Much more news to come in the next few months.

Alice Creed film released April 30th
April 2010

It's finally here - the reviews have been great and the build has been a lot of fun - but The Disappearance of Alice Creed is out on the 30th. Critics have been raving about this suspense thriller mentioning films like Shallow Grave and Reservoir Dogs in the same breath. It's out in the US on August 6th.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed
September 2009

Marc has recently finished scoring his debut feature film - already previewed at the Toronto Film Festival to amazing reviews. It is soon to be shown at the BFI London Film Festival in October. Look forward to a worldwide release early 2010.

September 2009

Marc has been working with the One Big Game Charity over the year music supervising the Zoe Modes fantastic puzzle game Chime - the game will feature acts including Philip Glass and Moby.

Split Second
September 2009

Marc has been working with the very talented folk over at Black Rock Studios on the intense racing title 'Split Second'. Big orchestras + big beats = big noise.

Musical 'Making of?' of Killzone 2
June 2009

Open Book Productions have put together a great documentary about the Killzone 2 score that features The NSO recording Joris' fantastic music - if you have a few minutes check this out: http://www.openbookuk.com/openbook_behindthescore_killzone2.html

Develop Award nomination
June 2009

For the second year running the productions brains behind Marc at Nimrod Productions are chuffed to be nominated for the Creative Outsourcing Award.

Dead to Rights: Retribution
June 2009

Marc, Nimrod and the NSO recently had the privilege of working with composer Matt Black at Abbey Rd on the orchestral recordings for the next Dead to Rights installment.

CitiesXL trailers
June 2009

This years E3 saw a lot of interest around this exciting title. Marc provided the music for 6 trailers ranging from 50s RnB styles to some good ol' country..

Soundtrack release: Far Cry 2
January 2009

Mastering at Abbey Road by the very talented Simon Gibson has just been completed on the official Far Cry 2 soundtrack - it will hit the stores early 2009. It's a cerebral affair cut together from ingame music and is best enjoyed with the lights off and loud!

Killzone 2
December 2008

Marc, Rich and the team at Nimrod have been thrilled to work alongside Joris de Man on the orchestral recordings for the epic Killzone 2 title. Recorded in Abbey Road, studio 1 - the NSO performed some stunning music composed by Joris.

Far Cry 2
September 2008

Work has finished on the Far Cry 2 soundtrack featuring the legendary vocalist Baaba Maal and the NSO. This dark, brooding soundtrack has been getting a great reception from fans and press alike. We hope to have news on a releasable soundtrack sometime soon.

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Selected credits include:
Burn Burn Burn (Film)
Petroleum Spirit (Film)
inFamous: First Light (VG)
inFamous: Second Son (VG)
Final Girl (Film)
Dirty Bomb (VG)
Resident Evil 6 (Ad)
RAD Soldiers (VG)
When The Lights Went Out (Film)
The Secret World (VG)
Driver: San Francisco (VG)
The Disappearance of Alice Creed (Film)
Split Second (VG)
Far Cry 2 (VG)
Battlefield: Heroes (VG)
Reservoir Dogs (VG)
Driver: Parallel Lines (MTV Music Award nomination) (VG)
Mokai (Multi)
Race Driver 2 (VG)
Alone in the Dark (trailers) (VG)
Heavenly Sword (trailers) (VG)
Hero (EyeToy) (VG)
Getaway - Black Monday (VG)
Act of War - Direct Action (VG)
Act of War - High Treason (VG)
Test Drive Unlimited (VG)
Driver 3 (VG)
Vietcong - First Alpha (VG)
Vietcong - Purple Haze (VG)
7 Sins (VG)
Stuntman (VG)
Apex (VG)
Driver 2 (VG)
Loons (VG)
Running Time (Interactive Film)
Largo Winch (VG)
The Legend of Jesse James (VG)
Taz: Wanted (VG)
Endgame (VG)